GroupWise 6 not displaying images on Web Access pages

Under some configurations, GroupWise Web Access 6.0 may fail at displaying the images decorating its pages, while still rendering the data (messages, mailboxes, etc) normally. The following describes a possible cause and solution.

Technical information

Products affected

Novell GroupWise 6.0, 6.0SP1, 6.0SP2


Web Access works, but only for the text part of the pages: none of the layout images is displayed.

These usually happen :

  • when GroupWise Web Access (GWA) is installed to Apache on the same NetWare server
  • if other modules using Apache have previously been installed on the server


Incomplete Apache configuration file produced by the install procedure. The textual content is served by Tomcat servlets, whereas the static content (images) is served by Apache, and the configuration file for this instance of Apache has not been completed.


1. How to locate the GroupWise Web Access configuration file

  • Browse to the SYS/Apache directory on your GroupWise 6 server
  • There you will find at least two command (NCF) files: GWWEBUP.NCF to start the Web part of GWA, and GWWEBDN.NCF to stop it. (Reminder: the agent part is started by STRTWEB.NCF
  • Examine the content of GWWEBUP.NCF : it loads Apache in the GW address space and specifies a configuration file, typically SYS:APACHE\CONF\GWAPACHE.CONF

2. How to correct the GroupWise Web Access configuration file

  • open that file in your favorite text editor, you should see it only contains the lines related to Tomcat's servlets, missing all the basic Apache configuration information, and especially the DocumentRoot clause and its associated Directory definition
  • if you understand the format of this file, you already know what to do: read no further: you know what to do now
  • If you don't, here are a few lines to add at the beginning of the file to get you up and running. Note that:
    • This exemples supposes your server is operating at IP address,
    • You already have some other service on port 80.

    80 is the default HTTP port, and can be used by the NetWare portal or other web-enabled NetWare 6 components, depending on your choices in configuration prior to installing GroupWise Web Access, so you'll probably want to run Web Access somewhere else, say on port 6080 for instance (do not install on any port you know is already used, like low-number ports and 524 (NetWare client) , the 1677 range (GroupWise POA), or the 7100 range (GroupWise MTA).

    # Start Apache Services Port Configuration
    <IfModule mod tls.c>
      SecureListen "SSL CertificateDNS"
    # End Apache Services Port Configuration
    DocumentRoot "sys:/apache/htdocs"
    <Directory "/">
      Options FollowSymLinks
      AllowOverride None
      Order deny,allow
      deny from all
  • Save the file and exit

3. How to test for success

  • Stop (GWWEBDN.NCF) and restart (GWWEBUP.NCF) the Apache instance for Web Access
  • Browse to
  • Note: this configuration does not take advantage of SSL, so do not type https !
Document Title:    GroupWise 6 not displaying images on Web Access pages
Document ID:    200332819151
Creation Date:    28/03/2003
Modified Date:    28/03/2003
Product Class:    Groupware / Directory
Manufacturer / Publisher    Novell
Product and Version    GroupWise 6.0, 6.0 SP1, 6.0 SP2
NetWare 6.0, possibly NetWare 5.1 (not tested)
Apache 1.3.x


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