Kansmen Corporation Announces LittleBrother 2.0

An Expanded Version, Directed to the Requirements of the Enterprise

October 22, 1997 - Milpitas, California - Phil Lumish, Vice President of sales and marketing for Kansmen Corporation today announced Version 2.0 of LittleBrother, the most widely recognized software product for Internet and World Wide Web site monitoring and blocking. This new release of LittleBrother has been designed in response to suggestions from the over 30,000 sites using the product since its release in December 1996. This newest version has primarily addressed the needs of users for more and varied reporting capabilities.

Kansmen continues to grow to meet the needs of its expanding client base, Mr. Lumish said. The market for controlling and managing Internet usage is growing at a geometric pace and we are starting to see our initial market in education and government expand quickly into the corporate world. We are also establishing the channels that serve this enlarged market both at home and abroad. Version 2.0 of LittleBrother addresses the needs of the new user base and lets the established customer add value immediately.

Version 2.0 of LittleBrother Professional edition will ship in early January of 1998 and will be available directly from Kansmen or through a number of resellers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Pricing ranges from a low of $495 for a 10-user version to $10.50 per user for a 1,000 license agreement. Site licenses are available for even larger networks.

Over the past 6 months, LittleBrother has had a substantial acceptance in the market, partly due to Kansmen's maintenance policy. The company's pricing and support policy automatically gives every buyer of LittleBrother the newest versions of the software plus all database upgrades for the 12 months succeeding the initial purchase at no additional cost. Extended support is also available for up to 5 years at a cost of only 20 percent of the purchase price per year.

LittleBrother Version 2.0 will include the following features:

  • The ability to run as a service on a server. This has been of interest to companies that want all of their network management capabilities in one location. Even though LittleBrother will reside on the server in this circumstance, it will still provide the same methodology for blocking as in earlier versions thereby ensuring that it does not slow traffic down.
  • The ability to provide Remote Client control supporting multiple clients/servers increasing the ability of organizations to monitor both local and remote activities.
  • The ability to provide different access rights (read vs modify) for different people as assigned. This enables management to make sure that people will be to access certain sites that are considered non-productive for other individuals or groups.
  • The ability to provide Enterprise-wide definition of groups of sites to be monitored rather than only offering the definition by specific LAN thereby increasing overall manageability of the network.
  • The ability to provide reports by groups that are defined by management.
  • The ability to provide a bandwidth quota by group offering another level of control by ensuring that excessive usage can be controlled through a variety of methods.
  • The ability to provide a cost analysis for groups by individual user giving management a means to not only identify costs but potentially pass them on as appropriate.
  • The ability to schedule reports at off hours or over weekends or whenever management feels that are needed.
  • The ability to provide exception reports showing problems, access of bad and/or non-productive sites, etc.
  • The ability to offer baseline comparison reporting that will permit management to see how productivity is improving or not based on an established starting point.
  • Provide blocking by keyword.

Kansmen in highly confident that the increased capabilities of LittleBrother will expand the growing market at an even faster rate than has been seen over the past 6 months. Kansmen Corporation has been supplying network and Internet management software for the past 6 years. Since 1995 it has been offering a range of specific products to increase the functionality of certain communications environments and to increase network efficiency and productivity. Kansmen has been selling SyncComplete and TrendComplete to users of Novell's Managewise to provide additional reporting capabilities. Since its introduction to the market, LittleBrother has been mentioned in various media over 200 times with coverage in CNN, local radio and TV plus virtually every trade publication.

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