NewMedia vante AtomZ Publish, qui permet aux non-techniciens de mettre à jour le contenu du site

Newmedia présente la simplicité d'Atomz Publish:

[...] The system allows Web designers to clearly separate Web content from site design by using basic HTML tags to create an XML database of content, transparently creating the database schema as part of the process. The Web designer/tech staff then provides access to non-technical users to edit the site's content. [...]
For the non-tech user, Atomz Publish only requires knowledge of how to use a Web browser. The user doesn't even need to know HTML to use the Atomz Publish interface. The application can be used at any time, from any Internet connection--content editors insert or edit the text being updated, and they actually publish it. [...]

Déjà 38 000 sites Web utilisant Atomz Search.

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