ARCserve 9.0 pour Linux est disponible

ARCserve 9.0 est disponible pour Linux, apportant aux systèmes Open Source les fonctionnalités d'une sauvegarde d'entreprise comparable à celle de NetWare, des grands systèmes, ou de Windows, au-delà des utilitaires de base comme tar, cpio, pax et consorts.

Caractéristique Description Avantages
Technologie centrale différenciatrice: téléadministration
Web-Browser Based GUI Manages and monitors multiple BrightStor ARCserve for Linux servers and associated devices from a centralized Web-enabled management console. Also provides instantaneous access to ARCserve support, certified device lists, and the latest ARCserve news. Simplifies management by allowing an administrator to remotely manage and monitor several BrightStor ARCserve for Linux servers and associated devices.
NEW! Domain- Based User and Password Authentication Allows administrators to manage multiple ARCserve for Linux user IDs from any BrightStor ARCserve for Linux server. Provides the ability to verify, change and manage multiple users from a remote location. Delivers single point remote administration of the entire enterprise.
NEW! Property View Provides a new section in the management interface to view the properties of all ARCserve for Linux components including devices and media. Delivers single console remote management of all storage tasks across the enterprise.
Calendar-Based Scheduling BrightStor ARCserve for Linux features an advanced calendar-based interface for scheduling backups and defining rotation schemes. The schedule, as well as the rotation schemes, can be changed by the click of a mouse. Customize your backup strategy with a flexible calendar- based approach.
Extensive Reporting Pre-defined reports provide data to the administrator. Reports include: Job Report, Session Report, Session Detail Report, GFS, Tape Media Report, and Device Report. Information reporting helps administrators make decisions and enables IT Managers to review status.
Automatic Tape Drive Configuration BrightStor ARCserve for Linux will identify SCSI tape drives at the device level and automatically set configuration parameters. Reduces time and errors resulting from manual configuration.
Remote Management Allows administration from remote or mobile locations through any Web browser with Java support. Manage BrightStor ARCserve for Linux operations from any location.
Intelligent Alert Notification Per event and job-based messages can be sent to different targets. Notification methods include Email, print queue, and SNMP traps. Flexible and intelligent notification to enable correction of problems and continuation of essential jobs.
Easy-To-Use and Comprehensive Command Line Includes command line that can backup, restore, query job status and perform device management operations. Makes BrightStor ARCserve for Linux even easier to use, simplifying operations and allowing for scripting of operations.
Context-Sensitive Online Error Message Help Clicking on an Error Message in the activity log takes the user into a special help database. Provides immediate information on the warning or error conditions, its causes, and possible actions.
Technologie centrale différenciatrice: disponibilité des données
NEW! Integrated Virus Scanning and Cure Scans the data for viruses during backup operations. With the cure option, infected files are automatically cured during a backup without the need for user intervention. Assures protection of your critical data from any and all virus threats. There is no need to buy a separate anti-virus solution.
TAR and CPIO Support Supports Quick File Access (QFA) allowing administrators to restore files created under the tar and cpio formats. UNIX / Linux tar and cpio commands may be utilized to recover data from ARCserve tapes.
Remote and Local Backup and Restore Protects data throughout the enterprise, even if it resides on remote servers. Provides a centralized data protection solution.
Technologie centrale différenciatrice: performances
Parallel Streaming Backup/restore data simultaneously to, or from up to, 32 devices. Scalable performance with additional devices.
Option changeur de bandes (librairie / bibliothèque)
Advanced Library Automation Provides support for a variety of tape devices allowing the administrator to use slots for specific jobs, grouped or individually. Enables data center administration and automation.
Automatic Tape Rotation Allows backups to span across multiple media in a tape library if the job exceeds one or more tapes using a standard rotation scheme or a custom schema. Offers complete "lights-out" automation.
Agent de sauvegarde pour Oracle
NEW! Full Support for RMAN Scripts Fully supports the Oracle Recovery Manager and extends protection to the RMAN scripts. Ensures complete integrity of data, the transaction, and the Oracle environment.
NEW! Full and Incremental Backup and Restore The backup agent for Oracle allows the user to backup and restore selected tablespaces, data files, log files and control files. Provides the flexibility to selectively backup and restore databases.
NEW! Multi-Channel Connection The backup agent for Oracle allows multiple backup sets to be written or read in parallel by a single Recovery Manager command. In addition, multiple backup pieces can be combined into one backup set. Significantly improves backup performance.
NEW! Dedicated Oracle Backup Offers 24x7 "hot" online backup and restore of individual tablespaces and/or the complete Oracle database. Integrating Oracle backup support into the mainstream storage solution improves efficiency and protection level. Eliminates the need for dedicated Oracle backup hardware and media.
Technologie centrale différenciatrice: flexibilité d'exploitation
Intelligent Data Compression End-to-end remote client to server data compression and local server data compression. If hardware compression is disabled, data will be compressed. If the data has already been compressed (e.g., zip files), then no software compression is performed. Increases the effective device capacity. Decreases network traffic. Increases backup and restore performance.
Multiple Backup Choices BrightStor ARCserve for Linux provides full, incremental, and differential backup methods. Design and customize backup strategy by balancing the usage of media, time taken for backup, administrative time, and level of data protection.
Server Prioritization When backing up multiple servers in a single job, BrightStor ARCserve for Linux allows you to rank the order in which the data is backed up. Flexible job ordering without the need to schedule multiple jobs.
Media Spanning When the data exceeds the capacity of the media, the job can be continued on subsequent media placed in the device. Jobs are not limited to the capacity of single media.
Media Pooling Defines tape pools by category or department (i.e., Sales, Marketing, Engineering). Creates tape sets with userdetermined retention dates. Provides mainframe-type tape pooling and media management. Permits effective utilization, management, and rotation of tape collections.
Media Tracking Serial numbers are assigned for the permanent life of the tape. For auto-changers with bar code reader support, BrightStor ARCserve for Linux utilizes the bar code label. Automates the tape naming process and alleviates the need to rename tapes each day.

Attention: la date de lancement du 05/06/03 correspond à l'introduction du produit sur le marché des USA. La commercialisation en France est attendue pour Octobre 2003.

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